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Repair Station Services

Emergency, Float, and Accessory Rating
We can overhaul or service Life Rafts, Life Vests, Escape Slides and all related components. We can service your Non-TSO, TSO, Part 91, 135 or 121 configurations. With In-House Hydrostatic Certification, CO2, nitrogen and Aviators Breathing Oxygen fill stations, we keep turn-around times the lowest in the area.
Emergency, Float, and Accessory Rating
Ammark Aerospace can inspect and re-certify Apical (Dart) floats for Bell 206 and 407 helicopters, with more models being added regularly. We also inspect and overhaul Boeing 737 slides, from the Classic to the Max.
Cylinder Inspections
Ammark can perform hydro-static tests on any DOT cylinder up to 60" tall and 18" in diameter. Once inspected, we can fill with a variety of gasses used in aviation. Aviatiors Breathing Oxygen. Nitrogen and CO2 or mixes as required.
HRD Fire Extinguisher Bottles and Squibs
AMMARK Aerospace Group now has the capability to service your High Rate Discharge (HRD) Fire extinguisher bottles and squibs. HRD systems using Halon 1301 are the standard in the industry and we’ve got you covered. With on-site Hydrostatic Inspections, we can typically turn your HRD bottle in just a few days, and we often have loaner units if you get caught with an unexpected change.
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Non-Destructive Inspections/Testing NDT/NDI
Ammark Aerospace Group added NDT/NDI to our FAA 145 Repair Station Certificate. We can meet your requirements for Magnetic Particle (MT) and Dye/Liquid Penetrant (PT) inspections. Following the specifications outlined in ASTM E1444 (MT) and ASTM E1417 (PT) Ammark will keep you compliant with the requirements and recommendations of the Manufacturers.
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